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Are You A Bitcoin Champ?

Put Your Knowledge To The Test

Do you own Bitcoin? Awesome.

But you and I know that’s not enough to call yourself a true connoisseur in the crypto world. Seriously, your grandma can purchase some in under 5 minutes using Crypterium (so can you, by the way). Take this quiz and show your friends who’s the BTC boss!

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Ok. Here is one to warm up! Can you remember what was Bitcoin’s historical high?

Crypterium Special

Now let’s see how good you are with dates... When the first ever Bitcoin transaction (sending BTC peer to peer) took place?

Crypterium Special

The sky is the limit when it comes to Bitcoin’s price. Or so many want to believe. But what about its supply? What’s the true limit?

Crypterium Special

It’s a fact: the reward for Bitcoin miners is reduced by 50% every...

Crypterium Special

In which year did Bitcoin have the largest relative growth so far?

Crypterium Special

It’s time for a famous quote… “Bitcoin is a technological tour de force” - Who said it?

Crypterium Special

What a “Satoshi” as a unit stands for?

Crypterium Special

So many questions… Aren’t you hungry? In 2010, a Bitcoin developer ordered two Papa John’s pizzas and paid with Bitcoin. How much did he pay?

Let’s see what you get!
Crypterium Special
Are you a Bitcoin Champ?

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